Equinavia Siri Polo Belt - Black/Pink/Purple

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  • Inspired by the belts traditionally worn on the polo fields of Argentina
  • Flexible pull-up leather is hand-woven with colored thread in geometric patterns
  • Pull-up leather is an oil and wax rich leather that is soft and supple and known for strength and longevity
  • Understated rounded buckle
  • Oakbark Brown has a brass-plated buckle, Black and Chocolate Brown have a nickel-plated buckle
  • 1.5 in. width is flattering on breeches but also great for everyday wear
  • 6 holes offer a wider range of fit

The Equinavia Siri Polo Belt is beautifully crafted in durable pull-up leather that only gets better and softer with time.

This belt features intricate hand-woven geometric patterns using colored thread. Its rounded buckle and matching keeper, adorned with unique patterns varying by color variant, exude elegance. Available in Oakbark, Black, or Chocolate, each with distinct buckle finishes and thread patterns, this 1.5-inch wide belt offers six holes for a customizable fit.