Horze Oval Link Baucher Bit

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  • Oval link double jointed mouthpiece
  • Baucher style cheekpieces
  • Stainless Steel
  • Legal for most dressage classes
  • Great for horses that require a stable mouthpiece

An appealing bit for horses that need a stable mouthpiece, the Horze Oval Link Baucher Bit is legal for most dressage classes.

Although this bit is often mistaken as having poll pressure, this bit offers no leverage point. The cheekpieces of the bridle are attached to the smaller top rings, while the reins are attached to the larger bottom rings. The oval link mouthpiece is considered a milder mouthpiece as the wider link exerts less pressure against the horse's tongue. The inclusion of a double joint also lessens the nutcracker effect, making this a relatively mild bit that is well accepted.