Horze Pro Bell Boots

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  • Protect your horse's coronet bands from injury with these bell boots
  • Durable and Tear Resistant
  • Made of heavy duty neoprene

These Horze Pro Bell Boots are a great for training as well as showing.

Protect your horse in style with Horze Pro Bell Boots! Designed with your horses comfort in mind, these boots feature soft, breathable neoprene lining that wont hold moisture with extra padding to protect the heel bulbs. Additionally, the smooth, rolled collar wont cause uncomfortable rubs. Plus, these boots are made to be ultra-durable with a lightweight but hard-wearing carbon-effect outer, recessed stitching, and a double lock strap so they wont accidentally come off while youre riding. Finally, these overreach boots are available in a variety of fun colors to match your personal style.